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Guitartraining Special Edition 1 (50 Standards) plus Soundslice extension:

A collection of voicings and comping arrangements for 50 jazz standards. Over 100 high quality videos with realtime fretboard view and more than 150 pages with notation and TABs in a single pdf-booklet as computer download version plus a code for "Soundslice" and tablet compatibility.


A child is born - A foggy day - A night in Tunisia - Afternoon in Paris - Airegin - Alice in Wonderland - All Blues - All of me - Alone together - Angel Eyes - Anthropology - April Joy - As time goes by - Au privave - Autumn Leaves - Beautiful love - Black Orpheus - Blue in Green - Blue Moon - Bluesette - Blues for Alice (Parker Blues) - Blue Trane (Minor blues) - Body and Soul - But not for me - Bye bye Blackbird - Cantaloupe Island - Caravan - Cherokee - Corcovado - Darn that dream - Days of Wine and Roses - Desafinado - Dolphin Dance - Donna Lee - Don´t get around much anymore - Doxy - Easy Living - Equinox - Estate - 500 miles high - Fly me to the moon - Footprints - Forest Flower - Four - Four on Six - Freddie Freeloader - Georgia on my mind - How insensitive - My funny Valentine - Peace - Round Midnight - You don ́t know what love is.

Interactive access to all video files. Fully interactive using the revolutionary platform "Soundslice".
You can view the chord progressions, voicings etc in realtime, you can change the tempo or set loops for practicing any amount of measures.

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DEMO video of the pdf-file here: click

DEMO video of the Soundslice extension here: click

Price: 29,95 €

Special Edition:


New: Guitartraining Special Edition 1 (50 Standards) - backing tracks
- Soundslice edition

A collection of backing tracks for 50 jazz standards. The backing tracks are played with guitar/bass/drums and can be accelerated or slowed down. You can set loops for a certain amount of measures. The backing tracks come with online sheets with chord symbols that simultaneously move along with the music.

Tablet compatibility:
Open the browser on your tablet, go to "" and you are ready to play…All you need is to register for free with the interactive website:

You will get no pdf for this addon. The sheets can be found in the main book: "Special Edition 1" or in Realbook No.1.
What you get is a code in order to subscribe to the online course with Soundslice.

List of titles: see above

DEMO video here: click

Price is 9,95 € EURO

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New: Guitartraining - backing tracks #3

A collection of 32 backing tracks for scale and chord practice. Motivating tracks, each is about 3 mins long. Tracks can be looped, slowed down etc…

DEMO video here: click

List of titles:

- backing tracks for the major scale - chromatic up and down
- backing tracks for the major scale through the cycle of 5ths
- backing tracks for the minor scale
- backing tracks for the dominant scales
- II - V - I in major tracks
- II - V - I in minor tracks
- modal tracks (only one chord…)

Limited offer: The price is 9,95 EURO
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