Guitartraining XL - new version : Most of the exercises are interactive now using the interactive platform "Soundslice".

- You can slow down or speed up the exercises.
- You can watch notation and tabulature in realtime on the screen.
- You can see the fretboard with all the chords being played.
- You can set loops in order to practice selected phrases or voicings
- You can play along with the backing tracks, slow down or speed them up or loop phrases

Watch the demo videos….. click on the sidebar links…..

See, what Soundslice can do: You can click here to see my public page on the Soundslice platform: click


What will I get?

GUITAR TRAINING material meanwhile consists of more than 1000 pages of premium jazz guitar material, (GT XL 200 pages, the other material (including add-ons, transcriptions and Special Edition around 850 pages)

Everything is written in printable notation and a
special 3D tabulature that makes chord reading much easier. You will get a pdf document with linked audio and video files.

Audio and Video files:

Each of the exercises comes with a streaming audio file at a moderate tempo. Moreover there are backing tracks available for every tune and almost every exercise. Many exercises come with a video that shows the chord voicing or the improvisation. Live fretboard view for all chords, comping and voicing exercises. In addition to that you will get a code to join the course on "Soundslice", the interactive platform for musicians.

Tablet compatibility:

Just copy the pdf file to your tablet (Android, IOS or Windows), install Adobe Reader and you are ready to go. Video files will be streamed in your browser, if you have internet access.


- scales ( major, melodic and harmonic minor, altered scale, blues scale……. )
- technical exercises for daily practice
- pentatonic scales - arpeggios
- chord charts - basic-chords und advanced chords
- voicings for many standard tunes
- comping and solo examples for standard chord progressions as in:

- Blue Bossa, - Autumn Leaves, - Satin Doll, - Take the A-Train, - Misty, - One Note Samba,
- All the things you are, - Rhythm Changes, - Blues, - Bossa, - Swing and much more….

- block chords Wes Montgomery style
- tons of patterns in dorian, mixolydian , II - V - I, altered and half-diminished,
- turnaround phrases (I - VI - II - V)
- diagrams and charts for drop2 und drop3 voicings, chord inversions
- substitution charts for chords and scales

What do I need to work with the material?

All you need is a computer or a tablet with Windows or MAC OS or IOS plus a version of Adobe Reader for MAC, IOS or PC and an active internet connection. If direct media access doesn´t work (if you are offline..), you can always open the media files manually from the data folders. They are named after the pages of the book.
Please have in mind that you won´t get a physical book! Of course you can print out the pages yourself.

Is the material too difficult for me?

The book contains material for all levels. There are basic exercises as well as advanced exercises. Basic harmonic and technical knowledge is recommended as there are only little verbose explanations, that is why it is called „training“.

What is the language of the material?

An English and a German version is included in the download package.